Top Five Tech Golfing Accessories

So you have got the best clubs, and have mastered your swing but feel like you may need a little bit more of an edge to win.

Investing in some tried and tested modern tech accessories can do more than measure distance, they can even be worn and used in your day to day activities off the golf course.

Where before to get some insider info and course stats you needed an experienced caddie, now all you need is good budget and some research into which product suits you.

So, when you take a break from your online gaming and sports betting in Australia, why not work on your Golf swing instead?

What should you keep in mind when purchasing wearable tech to improve your golf game:

-The courses – if you change courses often, or your home course has difficult terrain you should perhaps get tech that offers more extras

– The size – depending on how big your willing to go with your tech, depends on how much extras you can get on your wrist or handheld

– Battery power – laser rangefinders us batteries that last six months, whereas most GPs devices have a max battery life of 10 hours. So you should decide before shopping which is more important, extra function or longer lasting battery

Try out one of these top accessories to really up your game and work on that handicap:

Garmin Approach S60

Garmin have tailor made this tool especially for golfers, with each feature worked on in detail. The TruSwing tech monitors your swing and helps you improve it.

Its onboard technology is easy to use, and it has a battery life of up to 10 hours.

It is also quite stylish, and can be used as an everyday watch.

Top Five Tech Golfing Accessories

GolfBuddy WTX

This compact GPS unit, looks like a smart watch but packs the entire tech you need to improve your golf game.

Its full colour touch screen, offering complete hole layout and the golfers actual position is very handy.

It also has shot distance measurement, dynamic green view and pin position selection.

This is a great budget friendly buy, cost is low but the usefulness is great.

Garmin Approach G30

This handheld GPS device shows how Garmin works on and continually improves their tech based on the users requirements.

With Green View technology that lets you move the pin around, to the correct location on the green.

Its large screen lets course mapping actually help your game, and the shot tracking is quite extensive and it is very helpful when used to improve your shots.

It also has TruSwing technology and a great stat tracking option.

Sky Cadie Linx GT

This GPS watch is the first one to offer a built in club tag sensor to track he club, location and distance of each shot.

Syncing wirelessly with you Smartphone, using SkyCaddie Mobile in real time and displays your shot in HD.

This watch is also budget friendly and stylish enough to be worn every day.

These are just a few of the advanced golf tech accessories available online, to improve your game.