Game Improvement Irons

While low-handicappers aren’t known for suffering power outages, the rest of us could usually use a boost in terms of yardage.

Thankfully, today’s game-improvement irons provide us with the distance that gives our game the shot in the arm it needs!

The Direction Design Has Been Taking

In the same way that everyone can use the relaxation and fun that a good real money slots game delivers, while game-improvement irons have primarily been designed with middle-handicappers, some single-digit players will also see benefits from using them.

In recent years, designers have been inclined to produce as many yards as is humanly possible without having to sacrifice launch angle or looks.

Innovations like cup faces, first used for drivers, where the face wraps around the sole and topline, see the ball speed boosted by providing more face flex. Others create a better trampoline by thinning the face.

The use of multiple materials is also standard these days, and, in many cases, tungsten weights are used to move the center of gravity, as this helps to elevate the ball.

Of course, none of this matters if the sound is like that of cymbals crashing, so designers have paid attention to this aspect as well, making use of badges and polymers to dampen unwanted vibration.

There’s Always a Downside

Of course, even with all of this improvement, especially when it comes to yards, there is one downside.

You are going to have to redo all of your yardages into greens! This does, however seem like a small price to pay.

Herewith our nominations on the best irons for game-improvement in 2017.

The Titleist 716 AP1 is a Comforting Club

This is a reassuring club for players who don’t want to be using something that looks like it’s just been lifted out of a toolbox.

It has a well-proportioned clubhead which plows through the turf because of the pre-worn leading edge, and you will have no trouble getting your ball in the air.

This is true even with strong lofts, thanks to the high-density tungsten that moves the center of gravity low.

The True Temper XP 90 shaft is also light enough to produce additional swing speed, and this is sure to help create chest-puffing yardage!

Game Improvement Irons

The TaylorMade M2 2017: A Worthy Follow-Up

The TaylorMade M2 2017 is a very worthy successor to the 2016 model, and was tweaked in all of the right places. Players will quickly note that face slots have been added!

With every gram of weight being as precious as it is, the revised hosel needs less material, and it has a slot that makes bending it for fitting a lot easier to do.

The topline having an undercut saves weight, and allows for a lower center of gravity, and kudos must be given to TaylorMade for their research on how to improve sound in a thin-face iron.

The cavity badge has also undergone a revamp, and there are ribs as well as damping tape that optimise the feel and the acoustics.