Statistically, golf is one of the safest games in the world, especially when compared to sports like rugby or football. The average golfer will be able to spend a few hours on the course without having to worry about anything happening to them, and it’s a large part of why golf is such a popular game for those that want to take things slow and avoid more common sporting injuries.

Despite how safe it is, there are some common dangers that a golfers should at least be aware of when they are out on the course, even if the chances of these dangers occurring is incredibly low or almost impossible. Let’s take a look at some of the most common and how to avoid them.

Hit By A Golf Ball

This is much more likely to occur than being struck by lightning, especially when there are other players on the course at the time. Golf balls fly at extremely high speeds, and there are plenty of cases of golfers being hit in the head and having to go to a hospital with a severe concussion. While most golfers probably don’t want to have to wear a helmet while out on the course, it’s usually enough to just be aware of the course.

Golf Carts

People underestimate how dangerous golf carts can be, especially when we consider that there are a lot of golfers out there that will spend too much time at the bar before trying to drive their cart around the course. Golf carting accidents are rare, but they can happen, and despite their small size, the carts are heavy, and are more than enough to cause serious injury or a fatality. Of course, they also tend to be quite loud, so it doesn’t take too much to avoid one that’s oncoming.


In terms of the rate of overall occurrence, the chance of being hit by lightning while out on the course is below 5%, but there have been some reported deaths over the last few years. Most modern golf courses have expensive systems in place that will give golfers plenty of warning of any incoming storms, allowing them to get to get to shelter until the threat has passed.

Lightning can strike from as 5 kilometres in the distance and being in the middle of a clearing with a metal conductor is why playing golf near a storm can be dangerous. It’s always best to check the weather before heading out for a few rounds or stay at home and enjoy claiming casino bonuses online.

Bodily Injuries

By far the most common kind of injury is the one that the golfer sustains while playing the game. This can include strains, torn muscles, back injuries, neck problems, and much more. Golf swings are particularly hard on the back, which is why most trainers recommend stretching before the start of a game, and also maintaining a good diet to give the body everything it needs to repair damage.