Mistakes That All First-Time Golfers Make

Like any game, it can take some serious dedication and patience in order to gain noticeable skill in the game of golf. While the game itself isn’t very difficult to learn, it can take many years to truly master, and only for those that are willing to put in the time and effort.

It can be especially frustrating for golfers that are brand new to the game and can’t stop making small but irritating mistakes that drive them a bit crazy.

While it’s all part of the learning experience and can ultimately help a golfer become better at the game, there’s no doubt that these mistakes can often be frustrating and might even make the golfer want to give up for the day. With that in mind, these are some of the more common mistakes that new golfers make while they are out on the course.

Buying Cheap Gear

It’s a common mistake that’s made by just about every golfer, and it’s based on the fact that a beginner tends to think that all golfing equipment is pretty much all the same, but this could not be further from the truth. The gear that’s used in golf needs to be extremely robust, as it will have to be able to deal with a lot of force, over and over again.

This means that investing in a set of cheap golf clubs will eventually end up in disaster. In fact, it’s not uncommon for cheap clubs to snap completely halfway through a round of golf, which is why it’s almost always better to try and invest in more expensive gear if possible, and if it’s not possible, hiring good gear for the local club is another good choice.

Avoiding Golf Lessons

Getting out and playing every day is a sure-fire way of getting better at the game over time, but there are a lot of fundamentals that a beginner simply cannot hope to learn without guidance.

This is often why one of the very best ways to get better at the time in a short amount of time is to hire a golfing instructor. These are individuals that have devoted their careers to teaching the various ins-and-outs of the game, and will often have knowledge and insights that can drastically improve a golfer’s game.

First time golfer mistakes

Getting Distances Wrong

It might seem appealing to try and hit the ball as hard as possible when trying to aim for a specific hole, but this actually a common mistake that often creates a lot of frustration for the golfer, and might force them to give up for the day and run home to rather enjoy some of the best real money pokies available.

Part of the problem is not being able to properly calculate distances properly, not specifically when it comes to shooting under their goal, but over it. Overestimating distances is a problem that all golf trainers are familiar with, and thankfully it’s something that can be easily addressed with practice and a few lessons with a trained instructor.