Golf is a wonderful sporting activity that people who enjoy the outdoors should consider playing. It’s especially enjoyable in the warm summer weather, with beautiful scenery and meticulously mowed lawns. Many people tend to be intimidated by golf because it seems difficult, however, with thorough practice it can be extremely worthwhile. Here’s why you should take up golfing as a new hobby.

It’s Good Exercise

The thought of hitting a ball over a field might not seem like good exercise, but it surprisingly is. That act alone is good for burning calories and increasing one’s mobility. Remember that golfing can take hours, so moving up and down, navigating through the golf course is great exercise if you’re not utilizing a golf cart.  A standard game of golf where you carry your bag or push a cart can burn a ton of calories. If you thought that golf might not be an exercise filled sport, you thought wrong.

Relieves Stress

With busy work schedules and family life, many people have a lot of stressors in their lives. We are often bombarded with so much outside noise that we tend to forget how to unwind and destress. Golf courses are the perfect place to find peace and quiet because they are often situated outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. There, you’ll get to be one with nature, taking in the breathtaking views. Golf courses can offer you the quality time you always needed and an opportunity to inhale some fresh air while playing.

Good For Bonding with Friends

It’s not common to see someone playing golf alone, golfing 18 holes is typically done with 4 people. Unlike other sports such as basketball, or racquetball, golfing allows you to easily converse with those you are playing it. Catching up with friends over a golf game is an excellent way to stay in touch with people over time in a relaxed and fun environment.

Opportunity To Form Business Relationships

It’s no secret that golf is one of the more elite type of sports. Golf courses often hold open tournaments for its members, who happen to usually be affluent. If you are interested in making new connections related to your business or career, golfing can be a perfect way to go about it.  Many companies also host annual tournaments, and many other businesses consider golf courses as a great place to close deals or build new relationships. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of playing golf to potentially be able to form new connections.

Get To Travel

It’s rare to have a hobby that enables you to travel, whether domestically or internationally, golf does that. One of the most exciting things to do for avid golf players is the opportunity to travel and play in a new location. Traveling to a new golf course allows you to experience the game differently. With a new course comes new obstacles and challenges and traveling abroad to a new location also brings an entirely different golf play. You will get to socialize with other like-minded people who enjoy the sport and create some beautiful memories.