World-famous Tiger Woods hardly needs any introduction. As one of the greatest athletes of all time, Woods’ achievements have transcended the world of golf, making him a legend not only in his game, but in the entirety of the sporting world.

Tiger Woods has lived a prosperous and successful life, one that most athletes can only dream of as they begin their career. Here we will look at the early life of Woods and how he would eventually go on to rise to the top of the roster.

His Early Life

Born on the 30th of December in 1975, Woods’ father worked in the army while his mother was from Thailand. While he was born Edrick Tont Wood, his father began calling him Tiger in memory of a soldier that he had served with.

Woods showed a talent for golf at a young age, and he was taught by his father for most of his childhood. By the time that he had turned 8 years old, Woods had become extremely good at the game, and showed promise for further improvement down the line.

Starting A Golf Career

By the time that Woods had finished school, he decided to study at Stanford University. During his time studying, he had already won more than a number of US golf titles – all amateur – before eventually deciding to take it professional.

By 1997, Woods had won the US masters at Augusta with a new record of 270 at the young age of 21, making him the youngest player of all time to win the trophy, and the first African American to claim victory.

It would be this same year that Woods would tie for the win during his time at the British Open, and over the next few years, he continued to earn more trophies. These included US Open wins, PGA titles, Open Championship victories, and further wins at the US Masters.

Over a relatively short period of time, Woods went from entering the professional world as little more than a talented amateur to being the best player at the time, and it was a reign that seemingly had no end for the next decade.

Hiatus From The Sport And Return

During the year of 2009 and following a number of scandals related to his personal life, Woods decided to take a break from the sport. This was also in part due to mounting losses, and the player chose to instead focus on his family.

Although he returned to golf in the following years, he was not able to match the same success he had seen when he was younger, and he fell into relative obscurity for the next few years as other players took over, but still a popular time for golf and online gambling casino games.

It would be in 2018 that the player would begin to earn his stride once again, playing small tournaments around the world and building up momentum for the 2019 Masters Win, which would become his fifth win at the event, and virtually skyrocketed him to the same level of popularity that he had enjoyed during his golden years.