While most golfers tend to prepare for playing their favourite game when the colder months come around, not as many fully prepare themselves for the summertime, when the climate is much hotter, and players are more prone to suffering from certain conditions, such as dehydration.

Golf is unique among other games in that you will spend many hours standing in the hot sun, and it doesn’t take much for a golfer to start suffering from the effects of hotter weather. Fortunately, there are certain pieces of gear to take with that can make your experience that much more bearable.

The Right Hat

Without a doubt, one of the best pieces of gear you can take onto the course when it’s hot is a good hat. The sun is unrelenting, and one of the major causes of heat conditions is the lack of wearing any headgear.

Hats come in a range of shapes and sizes, but perhaps the best for most golfers is a simple front-brimmed cap. Not only do these shield the head from the sun, but they provide enough shade for the eyes to allow you to take a good shot even when it’s extremely bright.


Next is clothing – golfers traditionally wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when they are out on the course, but these can cause the body to overheat, leading to a number of problems. It’s not that common to see a golfer in shorts, but it is recommended to wear clothing that’s extremely light and breathable.

Avoid cotton as much as possible, and instead opt for thin materials that let the air in. For those with the money to spend, it may be worth investing in are those that offer moisture wicking, which are synthetic fibres that give the skin the chance to stay as cool as possible.


Going out onto the course without proper hydration is bound to end badly, but luckily there are plenty of ways of keeping the body stocked up on fluids. While plastic water bottles may seem appealing, it’s a better idea to instead invest in a bottle made from food-grade steel, meaning that no harmful toxins are leached into the water from sitting in the sun for too long.

This is especially imperative at the moment, as many golf courses have limited availability when it comes to water fountains and taps due to the global pandemic. If you don’t have a water bottle available, it might be worth stopping at the shops to buy something that has plenty of electrolytes to replace the ones you lose while on the course, but also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a quick bingo Australia game.

An Extra Towel

It can be frustrating to get that shot in when your hands are sweaty and you’re battling to hold on to the club and wearing a glove in hot weather is not the best course of action.

This is where a simple towel can be handy – try and look for a microfibre towel if possible, as these tend to dry quickly and are better for soaking up moisture.