There’s nothing quite as fun as hopping into your golf cart and zooming around the course, going from one hole to the next. Golf carts have made the game that much more exciting, while also removing the need to constantly walk in the hot sun or freezing rain.

Standard golf carts are fairly simple, and they don’t offer too much in the form of extra accessories to make the cart more practical while on the course. Fortunately, there are a range of gadgets and add-ons that you can buy to make your golf cart both more practical and unique.

Golf Cart Windscreen

Traditionally, golf carts don’t have any windows at all, which can be a problem when you’re in a place where golf balls are constantly hurtling through the air. Investing in a windscreen may be vital when you’re on a course that has a lot of players on it at any given time.

Some windscreens are permanently added to the cart, while others can be put on and taken off at a moment’s notice, depending on the golfer’s needs for that day.

A Small Fridge

There’s nothing better than having an ice-cold drink after a long round of golf, but it’s not like you’re able to take a fridge with you out onto the course – unless you invest in a small golf cart fridge.

These fridges are custom-built to fit into most carts, and either run directly off of the battery that’s already in the cart, or come with their own battery that will need charging. You would not be able to fit more than a few bottles of water in the fridge, but it will keep them frosty enough to cool your body down when needed.

Light Kit

While most people don’t tend to play the game at night, if you own your own cart and you don’t keep it locked up at the course, the chances are that you will need some lighting to get home after a long day of playing, or spending time enjoying the best Australian slots online.

Cart light kits are inexpensive, easy to set up, and can provide enough light for you to easily get home when it’s starting to get darker in the evenings. These usually run off of the cart’s battery, and they usually come in either the form of an LED or a halogen light, depending on the price and your needs.


A golf cart is a serious investment, one that most players hope will last them for a few good years. And just like a proper car, carts can be affected by wear and tear over time, but especially if they are constantly exposed to the elements.

One way of keeping the wear and tear down as much as possible is buy buying a golf cart cover, which tend to be made out of strong, synthetic materials. They’re easy to put onto the cart, and can provide protection against most of the elements, including rain.