When it comes to Christmas, Birthdays or Father’s Day, nothing beats a great golf gift for that enthusiast in your life. But what do you buy the golfer that has it all? After all, there’s only so many times that you can gift a new set of balls or a new golf glove. How about a gift that even the golfer didn’t know they needed?

While golf is a game of skill and talent, having the latest gadgets and technological equipment can really help improve one’s game. Here are some key pieces that may just be missing from the ultimate golf bag:

  1. Waterproof Golf Gloves

If you live in a particularly rainy place, then nothing beats having waterproof golf gloves. While another pair of regular golf gloves might not cut it for yet another golfing gloves, waterproof gloves take it to the next level. Waterproof golfing gloves are designed with extra grip so the club doesn’t simply slide out of your hand when you’re trying to take the next shot. In fact the innovative microfibre design of waterproof gloves even allows the grip to increase when the gloves get wet.

They also allow for sensitivity in the fingers so that you can better feel the rotation of the club, even in wet weather. Waterproof or winter weather golf gloves also often have a thin layer of fleece inside which is lightweight for ease of movement but helps to keep your hands warm and supple in colder temperatures.

  1. Rangefinder

A rangefinder allows golfers to easily calculate the distance from their ball to the pin. This makes choosing the right club for any specific shot less about guesswork and more of an accurate, well informed decision.

  1. Impact Tape

An affordable gift, impact tape is a great way for golfers to work on their game. Simply apply the self-adhesive tape to the front of the club and you’ll easily be able to see where exactly on the club the ball makes impact after taking a shot. This allows golfers to correct their swing, increase consistency and ultimately build accuracy in their game.

  1. A Picnic Pack

There’s nothing worse than opening your golf bag to find your peanut snack strewn in amongst your balls and tees or coming around to the end of the game to crack open a warm cooldrink that’s been baking in the sun all day. A small picnic pack that easily clips or straps on to your golf bag will solve these woes. Look for one that is thermally insulated with room to stand up a water bottle as well as a separate compartment for your treats. You don’t want anything that is too heavy or bulky or that can’t easily be connected to your existing equipment.

  1. A Good Towel

All too often a walk around your local golf club will present you with many a ratty old towel hanging from a golf bag. All golfers need a towel to wipe off their tees, mop a sweaty forehead or dry their hands, especially if they want to play at top gaming sites between holes!

However, a good quality towel, preferably a microfibre one, will help to improve grip while being fast drying and long wearing. A monogrammed towel can make a really nice, personalised gift for that golfer in your life.