Golf apparel is vitally important to the game of golf. It has always been a gentleman’s game, with many of the older players back in the day wearing ties and jackets while playing a full 18 holes of golf. Part of the attire that was worn, and still is today, is golf shoes.

These used to be predominantly made from leather and would have needed to look smart and be practical at the same time.

Over the years these leather shoes have not changed too dramatically, other than as an added waterproofing feature gel is used and inserted into the soles for more comfort. Leather shoes are still preferred by the professional players of today.

Starting Out

There are many factors to consider when selecting the correct golfing apparel. When a player decides to buy a pair of golf shoes he or she must take the following into consideration: terrain, weather, weight and even price range.

Pricing can be very hefty with some of the better-known name brands in the golfing world. Terrain and Temperature can vary from time to time as many golfers will travel to play other courses, however, it is wise to select a shoe for the conditions you will be playing in the most.

Professionals who play more often and practice most of the day would do better with the more expensive name brands, like Footjoy, which are built for comfort.

A player just starting out would benefit more from the entry level shoes as they are more affordable and you don’t have to hit the jackpot playing online pokies in order to buy a pair!

As A Beginner

Golfers who are just starting out and learning the tricks of the trade will agree that the game can become pretty expensive. There are many good affordable brands out there that have a great look, are comfortable, and more importantly have a great grip in the fairways.

Always do a little research when trying them on such as finding out from your sales person if they have any features like Gel in the soles, wind up laces, waterproof and most importantly grip on the fairways.

When selecting your shoes, you should always take into consideration that a golf round is usually around 5 hours long, so comfort should be your main priority.

Golfer - Golf Shoes

Average Weekend Golfer

Most golfers who have been playing this game for a while now will tell you that having the correct golf shoes can make all the difference to your game.

These guys usually play every weekend and would usually own more than one pair of golf shoes. The reason for this is often simply that they never get rid of the old ones for some reason.

The average weekend golfer should always choose a lighter golf shoe like Adidas. They are usually lightweight, fun and can be worn with shorts.

Professional Golfers

Professional golfers always use to play with the more expensive golf shoes like Footjoy and Nike. These shoes are very durable and lightweight as the professional players would wear them all day long.

Back in the day, most golf shoes had metal spikes to get more grip, this would help the better player stay grounded during a faster swing.

However, in the last 15 years most golfing brands have move to plastic studs to limit the damage to the putting greens caused by a high traffic from weekend golfers although some of the world’s best professional players still prefer using the metal spikes to this day.

In Summary

When choosing your golf shoes, always make sure that you are comfortable in them as you will be the only one wearing them for 5 hours.