Quality Golf Shoes And Your Game - Golf Gaming and Gear Tips

It may sound superfluous but a pair of quality golf shoes will dramatically improve your game.

They should provide you with stability, comfort and should ideally make you feel good about wearing them too.

Let’s check out what factors you should consider when looking for you ideal golf shoe.

 Picking The Right Materials 

  • Leather – Leather is all round the best option for most golfers. Leather is breathable yet waterproof and most importantly the shoe will mould to your foot very comfortably. There are cheaper synthetic leather options which can be a viable option, but for my money, I’d rather make the extra expense and get the leather shoe.
  • Gore-Tex – This material is here to cover those windy and cold outdoor curses that may prove a bit too challenging for regular shoes. Gore-Tex shoes are very durable while still offering good breathing for your foot. Gore-Tex can be expensive but it makes a very durable piece of footwear.
  • Polyester – Thin, light, but does not offer nearly the durability of the other two options. Good for warm climates and also great for players on a budget or if you are looking for a cheap temporary replacement.

Quality Golf Shoes And Your Game

The Fit – Golf Shoes

Even though it is a no brainer that you need to try on a shoe, it’s amazing how many people just do up the laces and see what the shoe looks like on their foot without actually putting the show through its paces first.

It would be like signing up with NZ casinos online without trying their games for free!

  • Always get a measurement from the shoe store to make sure what is your ideal shoe size. A comfortable yet snug fit is essentially to maintaining your balance.
  • Make sure the shoe’s arch provides enough support for your foot. Don’t be shy to walk around the store for at least 5 minutes to get a good feel for the shoe’s fit.
  • Take a few practice swings to get a proper feel for the shoe.

 Spiked Or Non Spiked

Back in the day spikes or no spikes wasn’t really a choice as shoes where very slippery. Today most clubs actually do not approve of metal spikes as they can damage the golf course.

Most find plastic spikes acceptable, but that said, you can be just as stable without spikes. Spikeless options have many benefits including looking good and being able to easily drive a golf cart and being able to go into the golf house without changing shoes.

Golfing Gear - Quality Golf Shoes And Your Game

Your Budget

It may be quite low on the list but for most people budget is generally the main concern. Cheap does not mean bad, not by a long shot.

If you do not have enough money for great quality shoes then perhaps you should bite the bullet and safe until you can get a shoe from a higher price range.

The durability of more expensive shoes will save you cash in the long run. The average golfer can walk up to 4 miles per game so wear and tear most certainly is a serious consideration.

Maintenance on scuffs or tears can make a cheap shoe turn into an expensive shoe very quickly.