Shopping for Good Golf Shoes - Gold Gear

When players first discover golf, most of their outlay goes on clubs, and lessons to sort out their swing and perfect their putting.

And all of those aspects of golf gear are indeed important, if you want to make any progress in the game. But many new golfers don’t take that thinking a step further, to consider the next vital item of kit: your golf shoes.

Think about the physics for a second. A golfer making a swing exhibits very much the same action as a medieval trebuchet.

While the club and arms swing down like a pendulum, the fulcrum of the shoulders and upper body shifts in the opposite direction, using the weight of the body to add more impetus to the club head, and all the power of the swing depends on the sturdiness of the fixed point: Your feet.

It’s not just a matter of stability, either, although slipping around on wet grass because of inadequate footwear does make injury a serious risk factor. Golf is a game that revolves around a perfect stance and a smooth striking action, and to get both of these right, you need to be comfortable on your feet.

Just like you need to know about the horses when Cox Plate Betting, you need to know about the shoes that will give you the edge in golf.

So if you’re worried you’ll slip on wet grass, or if your spikes are digging into your feet on hard, dry ground, you’re not going to be able to focus properly on your stance or your swing.

Taking the time to try on various brands and styles of golf shoes is rewarding in the long run, especially if it prevents falls that could put your back out, and spending a bit extra making sure your feet are comfortable will pay dividends in your game.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing good golf shoes:

1. Shop Around

There are hundreds of brands available, in prices ranging from budget to luxury.

Styles, shape and width can also vary, so try on a few different shoes to find the ones that fit your feet most comfortably.

And everyone’s feet are different, so the brand your golfing buddies swear by may not necessarily be the one that’s best for you.

2. Shop Golf Shoes Online

You’re going to have to go to a real-world store to try on various brands, but once you know your size in a brand you like, the Internet is your friend.

It’s never out of stock, and service and delivery from most online stores gets ever more competitive. They also offer massive variety, and you may even be able to find the golf shoes you like at a better price than they are on real-world shelves.

Golf Shoes - How to Shop for a good pair

3. Get Two Pairs

If you can afford it, two pairs of golf shoes can make your life on the links so much easier.

You need a comfortable set of steel spikes, to keep you steady and safe on soft, wet turf, and a pair with a softer, dimpled sole or plastic spikes, which are more comfortable on hard, dry ground.

4. Carry a Spike-Replacement Kit

Spikes do get clogged with grass and mud, so you’ll want a brush in your golf bag to clean them out when they start getting too gummed-up to be effective.

Spikes can also wear down and break, so you should keep a kit with spare spikes and a spike-replacement tool on hand too.

If you lose traction out on the course, it’s a five-minute job to replace damaged spikes.