Dressing for success and the optimal swing on the golf course

Appropriate Attire For The Links

Firmly wedged in age-old traditions that run back to the vast mountains in Scotland, the game is played by gentlemen who wear impeccable fashion on and off the course. Players follow etiquette and rules; these define the game and make the sport a true reflection of a unique subculture of sportsman.

If you’re only waking up to the 19th hole coffee now, then you’re aware that we are focusing in on golf and the most suitable golf attire that you need to be sorting when you hit the links. It’s a testing game and by no means easy. You need to look smart but at the same time your clothing needs to allow your body the freedom to become one with your clubs.

If you’re looking for the perfect golf outfit then try these on for size. The following clothing is essential for any golf player in quest of the all-elusive hole in one.

Rock The Golf Shirt

It’s like an unspoken rule that seems to be standard across all golf courses around the globe. Most golf courses require men to wear a collared shirt at all times during play. Go with a smart Polo golfer for a classic look.

Ladies golf shirts come in a various array of styles and can either feature a collar or none at all. Again try something lightweight and elegant to make you that much sharper on the course.

Walk The Walk With The Pants

If you want to stay timeless, wear long trousers that compliment your fresh new golf shirt. Cotton pants are also a good option for men, but chinos also have that elegant touch with a twist of flair to ignite your swing. Dress shorts with a pleated or front flat are allowed but make sure they look classy.

Ladies have the option of long trousers or golf skirts. These are usually made with a v-notch or cut pleat to allow more freedom of movement in your gold swing. Generally speaking, as a rule of thumbs neither men or women are permitted to wear exercise pants or cut off jean shorts, as this is not in line with the classic traditions of golf.

Spike The Ground

Golf is a volatile game and if you’re to be at your level best you need the appropriate shoes. You can’t just pick them out like a kid experimenting with a lucky packet. It’s not free for all, and there are no Canadian casino bonuses on offer for the worst dressed player.

Decent golf shoes are essential to your newfound golf swing. Your shoes keep you stable and will be your feet’s new home for a golf round that could last hours. They need to be comfortable and you need to be prepared to walk in them.

Most golf courses are straying away from traditional metal studded golf shoes and require your shoes to have soft plastic spikes on the bottom of the shoe. Certain brands are revolutionizing the golf shoe and making them a hybrid between golf shoe and trainer. As funky as these shoes look, rather contact your preferred golf club for the preferred attire.

Keep The Sun At Bay

Hats are allowed on golf courses during play, but they must be appropriate and function with one clear vision; to keep the sun at bay and off your face.

If you really must wear a hat, wear one that compliments your outfit, never turn it around and abandon its primary function, always take your hat off when entering the club house and wear the hat at a suitable height so not as to hide your face.