Golf Accessories - Sunglasses & Gloves

Accessories: Sunglasses and Gloves for the Course

You cannot deny that spending your free time on a golf course is one of the best ways to distress due to the fact that you are surrounded by lush green terrain, tall majestic trees and crisp clear air.  However, typically a round on a golf course takes more than 4 hours to complete.

You will be exposed to the sun especially if you walk the course instead of riding in a cart. Sunburns are no fun, and neither is dehydration, another problem you might encounter on hot days.  Taking care of the health of your eyes is essential and therefore it is recommended that you protect your eyes with the best on the market.

Good and clear vision is a crucial for your performance on the golf course and light sensitivity can hinder your game.  Acquiring the best golf sunglasses gives you the ability to play at your best without squinting or tearing at the sight of the sun.

In order to read greens we will educate you on top brands and their features.  Regular sunglasses are just, well regular.

Having a pair of speciality sunglasses for your day in the sun ensures that your eyes readjust to the light. It is important to note that not all golf sunglasses are the offer the same quality features and you should consider it carefully prior to your purchase.

Its not just all about the sunglasses either, you may want to consider golf gloves to keep your hands protected from the rubber that wraps around the metal stick, which can cause blisters of painful swelling.

Wear The Sunglasses

As stated before, sunglasses on the course are essential for the health of your eyes and your overall game-play.

You cant squint and lean back while you’re looking into a screen or the NZ election betting results, just as you can’t stare into the sun for your white blimp of a ball hurling down the fairway. The following sunglasses are the best you can buy for a day out on the links.

Oakley XLJ Sunglasses

Lightweight and ready for just about anything the Oakley XLJ sunglasses will sit comfortably around your eyes and clutch your head in a soft grip, ready for just about any shot.

Featuring an O Matter plastic frame, and infused with nylon to increase flexibility and durability. With complete UV protection lenses these glasses will have you playing like a pro in no time at all.

Just Do It With Nike

The Nike Golf X2 Pro E sunglasses will change the way you view your tiny white dot in the air. The frame is also made form nylon and features a versatile nose bridge for rapid adjustment and flexibility.

Nike has also considered golf hats and accordingly, they have made the frame intentionally thinner so as to accommodate golf hats to accompany your brand new pair of shades.

Golf Gloves

Lets be serious, you simply can’t play golf without a decent glove to accompany your perfected swing. Players should only ever consider golf gloves that are aerated and comfortable. The following golf gloves are our best all-round pickings.

Grip Your Gear With Under Armour

The Under Armour StriKeskin features Under Armour fit technology. The glove also comes complete with an adjustable built-in closure tab for a comfortable fitting. Performance enhanced leather will keep any player comfortable for the most stretched swings.

Tour With TaylorMade

Made from AAA Cabretta TM Soft Techthis glove from TaylorMade leaves no stone unturned with its unique perforation system for enhanced grip and stunning play. The glove also comes complete with moisture-wicking properties in the wristband, which help keep your hands feeling cool and dry.