A Simple Guide To The Best Types Of Golfing Hats

Among all the most popular professional games around the world, none are quite like golf. Where many sports rely on teams, physical force and team-wide tactics, golf instead features just one player on a serene course, using his skill to manipulate a tiny ball over that course.

Golf is a game of patience, and it can take years to master. That often means spending years standing under a hot sun, and any golfer can tell you that having the right golf gear can make all the difference to your game.

Golf hats are not new to the scene, and have been part of the game since it first became widespread.

Not only do these hats keep the sun off your head as you spend a few hours on the course, but they can also block any glare that might impair your vision while taking a shot, especially if the sun is not in a favourable position.

These are some of the best golfing hats to keep your golf sessions pleasant and manageable.

Bucket Golfing Hat

An extremely popular hat among sportsmen of all shapes and sizes, this hat was designed to give its user full protection from the sun.

The brim of the hat extends over the entire head, ensuring that there is no sun constantly on the back or sides of the head.

Bucket Hat - A Simple Guide To The Best Types Of Golfing Hats

This is a godsend for many, as while many hats might only provide a visor on the front of the head to keep the sun out of the eyes, this bucket hat provides the same kind of protection but completely around the head.

The Straw Trucker Visor Hat

Another common type of hat that you’ll often see on the course, and one you don’t need to win the jackpot at a CAD casino to buy, this hat is meant more for those that don’t quite spend as much time in the sun, or play in areas where the sun isn’t as powerful.

The hat is made with up to 75% refined straws, and was designed to allow the head to keep cool even on the hottest days. An open top and breathable material make it the perfect companion for those that feel that other hats just make their heads far too hot after an hour on the course. An added visor assists with any sun glare.

Adjustable Golfing Cap

This is a type of hat that is manufactured by just about every sporting company in the world, and it’s one that you will most often find on the course.

It’s a simple cap that covers the head, and always has an added visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. These types of hats are popular thanks to the unobstructed nature of the cap, meaning that there are not extra trims or unnecessary ends that can become an irritation while you’re playing.

Many of these types of caps also come with perforated material on the back, allowing for better cooling on those hot days.

These are the three best types of hats for the golf course, and there are many different variants of each type. Finding one that truly suits you the most is not difficult, and all should provide a much more enjoyable experience, giving you the chance to make the most of every golf session.