An Easy Guide To The Best Golfing Putters For Beginners

If you’ve ever watched a film or televisions show that featured golf, you will have often noticed how the golfer will request a putter from their caddy.

Putters are among the most vital tools that a golfer has at their disposal, where it’s best put to use rolling the ball in or hitting towards the cup, or commonly for putting green.

For those that are new to the sport, the most daunting task you can face is trying to find a putter that will serve you best, thanks to the sheer amount that are available on the market.

This doesn’t have to be a problem, however, as this simple guide can help you pick the right kind of beginner putter to make the game much more enjoyable from the start.

What To Look For In Putters

Putters are machine-crafted works of perfection, and each one will be different. There are, however, some aspects that all putters have in common:

  • Weight: All the weight of the putter will be in the head, and this is where a lot of the driving force stems from. You may immediately think, then, that the heaviest head available is the best choice, but this isn’t true. Finding a club that offers the right weight for you can give you much better control over the ball.
  • Length: The length of a putter is where you will find a huge amount of control. Too short, and you will have to constantly bend down to get the hit; but too high, and it can make every shot extremely uncomfortable and awkward. It comes down to testing different putters to find one that suits your height.

Different Types of Golf Putters

Like with any type of sport or game, choosing the right golfing equipment is vital to success.

Whether it’s the right cricket bat or even finding the most suitable online pokies in NZ, choice is important, and the right putter is an important choice a new player will need to make before hitting the course.

The Mallet Putter

The first is a Mallet Putter, which has an incredibly unique design.

Golfing Putter - Mallet Putter - Golfing Gear

The design is centred around weight distribution, and is meant to allow for a much easier put for those that are not experienced in putting.

The efficient construction of the mallet putter makes it as the prime choice for newer players.

Blade Putter

The next is the blade putter, which is extremely common, and the type of putter you’d often see being suggested for inexperienced players, but is also a favourite among seasoned veterans.

The blade putter is aimed at more precision putting, and can be a serious help to those having issues with not getting the right spot when rolling the ball.

The Heel and Toe Putter

The heel and toe putter is all about consistency, which is why it has a much more simplistic design as compared to the others.

Weight is distributed evenly between both ends, meaning that there is a much more consistent sweet spot spread across the head, making it a fantastic practise tool for beginners.

Finding the right putter can be easy and straightforward, and it only requires knowing what to look for and testing out the different types until you find one that truly fits your play style.