The Ryder Cup golf competition places the best of European and American male players in one event. Since the event is held only once every two years, a lot of excitement is built up and bettors always have a great time.

When you sign up for online sports betting , you won’t miss any of the Ryder Cup action because the sites where you play always provide you with the latest developments and even live streaming of events.

You won’t be stuck in a noisy brick and mortar betting parlour with online sports betting. You can play from your computer at home or if you wish you can download an application that will allow you to play on your Smartphone or tablet.

Getting Started with Sports Betting

Since the next Ryder Cup take place in 2018, you will have more than enough time to register for online sports betting in Australia. It is a very simple process and can be done at your favourite sports betting site or even at certain online casinos that allow sports betting. It is usually best to stick to the sports betting sites as they will feature more wager options and the best data.

Due to the longer build up for the Ryder Cup event, you will have access to a lot more player data than other competitions that take place every year. Your sports golf betting site should be the source of your information. Use all the relevant data to make smart wagers based on player performance.

It may be a bit intimidating at first but that is why there are sports betting sites, they can help and advise you with great articles and easy to access information.

What to Wager on

With 28 matches over 3 days, the Ryder Cup provides ample opportunities for exciting sports betting. It also includes unique team matches, where two golfers form a team against another two golfers. Each team also has a captain appointed.

The bet options for the Ryder Cup golf competition can include spread bets, futures, single bets and more. It can vary between different sports betting sites. Many will allow wagers on who will be selected as captains for instance.

Many sports bettors want to have a serious but also fun betting experience. Making wagers on more unusual elements in the game can be a lot of fun. Read up reviews and have a look at the sites you want to play at to try and find out which sites combine serious sports betting with a sense of fun as well.

Choose Fully Licensed Sports Betting

When you are making real wagers on the Ryder Cup in an online format, you can rest assured that your money will be safe. Sports betting sites in most countries fall under the same regulation as online casinos.

As such the sites must carry licences from the relevant gaming authorities who audit the sites and ensure they run fair practices. When you are looking for a site to join, always make sure that they are fully licensed and operate legally within the confines of the law.