Making one of the most ambivalent returns to sports ever, Tiger Woods has completed recovery from multiple back surgeries to announce his return to professional golf.

Following a tenuous return to golf at the Farmers Insurance Open, Woods confirmed that he is not experiencing any more back pain.

This may echo his sentiments last year that ended in tragedy for the player who had to abandon his tour midway due to back spasm.

His last return to golf was supposed to be his big comeback after a very long absence to recovering from two back surgeries. He missed the cut to go to Torrey Pines and he only managed to complete a single round of the prestigious Dubai cup before he was forced to quit.

The solution to Wood’s back problems was that doctors eventually fused vertebrae in his lower back. It was not just his talk that was confident about his return, Woods looked great on the course as well when he played in the Bahamas recently.

He looks strong healthy and he has confirmed in interviews that his quality of life has vastly improved compared to last year.

A Rough Few Absent Years

That said 4 surgeries in as many years does not inspire endless confidence in Wood’s ability to make his comeback. When he makes his return to the PGA tour this year, it will be his first since 2015.

While fans remain supportive, many voices have said that the player is past his prime and seeing your hero perform at an average level is never a pleasure.

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Woods did admit that when it comes to his spirit of competitiveness, it has gotten a bit rusty over the years. He noted that especially compared to many of the newer, younger players, he will have to work to get his appetite up.

Notably newcomer Jon Rahm, a 23 year old Spanish player who is one win away from becoming world no 1. He plays against Woods this week for the first time.

Woods said that he doesn’t expect to just walk into the tour and snap up victories. He is treating this year as his comeback grind.

He will be working hard to reach a level of readiness where he feels he needs to be. During his daily home practice, Woods is yet to pick up any more issues with his back and with his swing.

Wood’s First Confirmed Challenge

One of the big events lined up for his year that Woods would reveal to the press is his slot in the Genesis Open. Since Woods is currently ranked number 647th, he will be facing a challenging year to find entry into big tournaments.

Whether woods should have returned or if this return is not another false start remains to be seen. It cannot be denied that the field has become even more challenging than when Woods was at his peak.

It is quite a stretch to expect Woods to return to his former glory at all, let alone within a year or two.