Category: Golf Course Reviews

What ruins a great round of golf? It is something as simple as an overly chatty or slow partner? A caddy that doesn’t seem even vaguely interested in the game? Or do you judge the experience as a whole if perhaps the course does not deliver? It’s for these reasons that reviews of golf clubs and their club houses are important, as bad reviews by fellow golfers could drastically alter your decision to take to the green. By contrast, a stellar review which covers all aspect of the experience could greatly inform your decision. Knowing what to expect is of utmost importance when it comes to your favourite pastime, as there is nothing worse than going in unprepared and feeling hard done by at the end of the day.

Why Are Golf Course Reviews Important?

Something to consider: some golf courses have it all figured out and know exactly what players expect when visiting and that’s why many players should rely on golf course reviews more heavily. Unfortunately doing a quick online search, reading the course’s website, and doing an image search simply is not enough. Who know when the website was last updated, or how heavily airbrushed, altered, and tweaked the images are! Unfortunately, even if the website offers golf club reviews, you cannot be certain that the operators haven’t only included the ones that paint them in a positive light. As such, independent golf course reviews, as well as club house reviews, are of exceptional importance, and there are many reliable and reputable online sources which should be consulted before taking a trip to an apparent ‘award-winning’ course.

What Golf Club Reviews Should Reveal

As previously discussed, it’s not only the course itself that could ruin your personal golf club reviews, as there are many factors which should be considered. When putting together golf club reviews, we always try to include as many aspects of the experience as possible, in order to give the reader the fullest picture and so potential players can make the most well-informed decision.

Our golf course reviews include:

  • Course layout and design
  • Course condition and maintenance
  • Pace of play
  • Value for money
  • Staff friendliness and efficiency
  • Club house reviews
  • Off-course amenities as a whole
  • Overall rating

While all of these categories may not be important to every player, they are necessary in order to create the fullest picture possible. As such, if staff friendliness doesn’t rank particularly high on your list of priorities, and you might still consider a visit if it’s the only section in which the club house reviews or golf club reviews falls flat.

Why Club House Reviews Matter

While course layout and design generally ranks higher in priority than the off-course amenities and club house for most players, many players value and consider positive club house reviews in their decision making process. Many players enjoy making a trip to a special golf course a whole day, or even a whole weekend, affair and as such the quality of the club house takes on a much bigger role. If the idea of sitting in a comfy leather armchair, with single malt and a cigar, surrounded by opulence after a day on the golf course fills you with excitement, the club house reviews are of utmost importance.

Happy golfing!