They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we beg to disagree.

In terms of these types of course rankings, there are very specific criteria, and, thanks to the courses on this list meeting all of these, there can be no argument as to their aesthetic qualities.

The scenic values of each of the courses has been taken into account, including vegetation, water features, landscaping, and backdrops, and these need to add to the pleasure of playing a round on the course.

So, while beauty is not the only criteria, visual excellence is a large part of what makes these courses the best ones to play in the USA, and these courses will definitely have you turning away from the  pokies New Zealand has to offer so that you can book a trip, and soon!

The Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Montana

This very luxurious, high-end, private skiing resort additionally features a golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf, complete with the kind of rolling terrain you would usually expect from a ski-mountain.

The Michael Meldman Discovery Land group took over the club’s operations in 2009, and it has recovered from some financial issues to become one of the best courses in the entire state.

The club has incredible views, and some of the holes are stunning, especially the par 3s. The heavily sloped grounds make for an outstanding property, and the beautifully scenic course provides for extreme elevation changes.

Weiskopf did a truly exceptional job in terms of design, and players can enjoy 2 100 vertical feet from the course’s high to low points.

Friar’s Head, Baiting Hollow, New York

Situated 200 feet above the Long Island Sound, Friar’s Head is a rugged, innovative Coore and Crenshaw-designed course that is rated on the list of the best 100 places to play golf in the USA.

Players have stated that Friar’s Head has some of the best transitional settings every, and games traverse dunes to potato fields, to dunes, to fields, to water, then back to the clubhouse! Many say that it feels like three courses in one, and most mention the walk to the 16th tee.

The new bridge makes for a beautiful view, and it is a truly wonderful spot to soak up the views of the Sound on a summer’s day.

An unbelievable setting for golf, this course has a rugged, Pine Valley feel to it, but maintains its urban qualities throughout. Weaving through pine trees at certain points, it makes for fabulous routing.

The Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Pebble Beach, California

For some 50 years, the Shore Course at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club had a mostly mundane layout, one which could be likened to its near neighbours of Pebble Beach and Cypress Point. Happily, however, this is no longer the case!

Ever since the late, great Mike Strantz reversed the direction of the seaside layout, making it weave in between the cypress trees and playing out to the Pacific, things have changed.

This Shore course consistently ranks high on the top 100 courses in the USA, and has been providing happy golfers with great games since back in 1961.