South Africa is a country known for many things. Whether it’s Cape Town, the port of Durban, the wildlife, or the multiculturalism, people from all over the world head to the country for different reasons each year.

For many golfers out there, one of their aims to play a round on the world-famous Leopard Creek course, a piece of golfing real-estate that has long been the source of interest for those that want to try new and exotic golf courses.

While, for the most part, Leopard Creek seems like your average course, there is one thing that sets is apart: the wildlife.

The course shares a border with one of the world’s largest and most popular national parks, the Kruger National Park, which is teeming with everything that has made Africa a favourite for tourists.

It’s here that you can see lions, elephants, zebra, giraffe, and endless others all in their natural habitats.

Leopard Creek’s proximity to the course means that it’s very possible for you to be watched by a lazy leopard hanging out in the nearby trees while you take your first swing, and makes for an amazing day outside when you’re not inside checking out horse racing tips NZ.

The Course Itself

Leopard Creek is set along the Crocodile River, which eventually winds its way through the Kruger. The entire estate is wrapped in a large fence that separates the animals from the players, but often enough it’s common to hear the roar of a lion or the cackle of hyenas as you play.

Entirely surrounded by bush veld, and the property itself is linked to the main clubhouse, which is a large, thatched establishment that servers refreshments and is home to a number of golfing memorabilia.

While there is nowhere to actually stay on the course, there are numerous lodges around that are in close proximity, allowing golfers easy access to the course on any given day. To play, a green tee fee needs to be paid, after which the player will be able to traverse and make use of the entirety of the grounds.

The course consists of 18 holes that span the property. Some are the standard bunkered holes surrounded by greens, others are next to small dams attached to Crocodile River, and others, like the 17th hole, border along the veld, which is often where players can hear the animals going about their business.

Leopard Creek Overview

Leopard Creek is one of South Africa’s most popular courses, and it’s not hard to see why. With first-world facilities packed on to a beautiful piece of land, the venue is a must-see for anyone wanting to test out new places to play in foreign countries.

It’s an idyllic experience, only made all that much better with the constant presence of nature that surrounds you as you play.

It’s the feeling of being on an African safari, deep in the savannah with an entire, thriving ecosystem at your back at every hole.

All in all, Leopard Creek has become the staple for good golf in South Africa, and should be on any golfer’s bucket list.