As in any sport there will be specific pieces of equipment you will need to purchase to get you started. Golfing equipment can be expensive, especially so if you make the incorrect purchase and must replace the item later.

Before you rush off and purchase a full bag of golf clubs, here is a list of the best purchases for a beginner golfer. Once you know you’re hooked, you can start filling up that golf bag.

A Driver

Used to tee off, the driver is the first club you will play with. It has the hardest hit of all the clubs to get your ball flying down the fairway.

The club with the longest shaft, which makes it the most difficult one to learn to play with. Some beginners will start by using their Fairway wood off the tee until they have built up some more skill.

A Putter

The last club you will play with, the putter is used to sink the ball into the hole, and that will feel like hitting the jackpot.

Probably the most important club when it comes to golf score, be sure that the putter you purchase is the correct one for you.

A Sand Wedge

An open-faced club, the sand wedge is used to get out of, you guessed it, sand. As a beginner it is entirely possible that you will be spending much time with this club.

The loft or angle of the face of the club is what’s important here. As a beginner a 58-degree wedge is a good start.


Irons will be the club you use for most of the game. Played when you are a bit closer to the green. Irons each have a number on which indicates the loft of the club.

They range from 1, your driving iron, to 9, your short iron.

A 10 iron is categorised between an iron and a pitching wedge. So, a six iron and eight iron will give you a mid-range (6) and a short range (8).

A Pitching Wedge

A pitching wedge has the lowest loft of all the wedges, and so hits the ball the furthest.

Used to play short sharp shots, where there will be little to no roll when the ball hits the green.

Fairway Wood

Fairway woods have smaller heads and are designed to connect with the ball at the bottom of the swing.

Shorter and easier to play with than drivers many beginners carry extra fairway woods to replace some of their drivers.

Players may carry as many as 14 clubs in their bags. With so many to choose from it is better to start with the basics and build from there.

Do not feel pressured to purchase clubs if you are uncertain if they are ones you will play successfully with. Instead start with some lessons, so that you can learn what you are comfortable with and when you are ready to purchase ask the pro shop or range if you can try out the new clubs you are interested in.