3 Lessons for a First-Time Golf Spectator - Serenoa Golf Club

Watching a major golfing event can be hugely exciting, but for new spectators it can also be highly daunting.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of tips to make sure that you don’t arrive at a golfing event underprepared, over dressed or simply overbearing!

Beware Your Headgear

For men, a day at the golf course is simple. Their main concern is watching the golfers and hoping for a hole in one. Regardless of the golfing event, men are basically required to wear smart-casual sporting attire and a suitable hat to shield themselves from the sun.

Women, on the other hand, have a few more things to worry about, and keeping the sun off their faces isn’t always simple, or encouraging of stylish dressing.

The cardinal rule of golf is not to be distracting. A big hat is not a good idea, unless it is a floppy sun hat or similar.

You are not at the races, and you are not there to make a statement either s steer clear of loud and proud head gear that’s over the top. A subtle sun hat, fedora or chic cap is suitable, and can look stylish too. You also don’t want to block spectator views, so staying restrained on the greens is the best idea.

You may jump at just about any opportunity to wear an amazing oversized hat, but it’s not for the golf course- rather save dressing up for the winner’s dinner!

First-Time Golf Spectator - Golf Gear

Keep Your Phone Out of Sight

It is important to bear in mind that at these events, moving from hole to hole is de riguer, so you’ll want to know what the time is, if you happen to miss the tee off time, or you want to join in a few holes in. Please, don’t take your phone with you either and use it as a clock, if it rings you may well become a golfing pariah!

If you want to use your phone for anything for Geelong Cup betting online to phoning friends, do it far away from the golfers.  A good watch can be an investment, and one that can stand you in surprisingly good stead when timing yourself from hole to hole. It can also look super stylish, and there is a good reason famous golfers have been the face of brands like Tag Heuer!

Have Fun- But Not Too Much On The Green

The golf course is not a place for merriment, or partying, so if you are going to be watching, keep festivities to a minimum, and allow the golfers the courtesy of a quiet course.

We’d suggest that you don’t pop a hip flask in your pocket, or a packet of crisps in your bag, as eating and drinking on the course is very much frowned upon. Not only can it be noisy, it can be messy too, and it not appropriate at all.

These tips will stand any new spectator in good stead, so go forth, apply them and enjoy watching golf!