Pulaski Boylston Snowmobile Club  "Gateway to TUG HILL"


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 Friday, September 14TH, 7:30PM – Club barn ON Rt. 11          







C5A Trail improvement –









This trail has a 5-mile stretch of water holes and doesn’t really freeze over due to the depth of the water holes.  Last year the club installed mud mats and gravel on a small section of this trail, which helped immensely, BUT lack of funds keep us from being able to complete the whole 5-mile stretch. This trail is vital to the businesses in Pulaski and onto Altmar (Tailwater Lodge) and beyond






Frame work began at club barn, then transported to Boylston trail.

bridge frame in barn 2 - small

loading frame 3

taking plancks to other endS54 Bridge FInished - Nov 28 2015 - smaller





Operation Equipment Maintenance!   The crew is working hard to ready the equipment for some SMOOTH riding this winter.

TeamworkGroomer with Neil



Trail Improvement!    Members of the Oswego County ATV Club and our Pulaski-Boylston Snowmobile Club worked on the S52D trail that runs from Halsey Road to Byrne Dairy (Rt. 13). This trail was made possible by FX Caprara. This is the start of a mile long trail improvement – much corduroy, stone and gravel were filled into the huge mud hole. Much more work will be done over the summer.



1) at our club’s groomer barn, 5001 N. Jefferson St. (Rt 11), Pulaski
2) Corner of Wart Road & County Rt. 13   

3) Corner of Bargy Road & County Rt. 13  (Do not park on Rt 13 – you will be subject to ticketing)

4) Selkirk Shores State Park – plowed parking lots

PLEASE DO NOT PARK at DEC Building on Rt. 2A.