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Standing Proud

Groomer Ad

New Groomer 1

 So you have seen the new Groomer.  How about the oldie but goodie.  Here is the 2000 all dolled up.  Thank You to all the guys at Luther Designs you went above and beyond.  Words can’t even say enough about this its truly amazing.  The lettering is beautiful and if you can’t see it up close the Pulaski part has the stars in it. The trails will be full of spirit and we hope to see you all out there. Stay tuned for more to come you just never know what we are up to….

We only wish we could do this again. Covid has cancelled so much but our future riders are hanging in there for a new season!

Sandy Creek Fair 2018 look at these future leaders of the club! The kids walked along side the groomer with parents handing out candy and now they are very anxious to go to the fair and have more fun. A big Thank You to Corey Pearson and Mark Crandall for taking the time to do the parade. And a huge Thank You to all the kids, you are our future snowmobilers and club members.   Fair Parade



1) at our club’s groomer barn, 5001 N. Jefferson St. (Rt 11), Pulaski
2) Corner of Wart Road & County Rt. 13   

3) Corner of Bargy Road & County Rt. 13  (Do not park on Rt 13 – you will be subject to ticketing)

4) Selkirk Shores State Park – plowed parking lots

PLEASE DO NOT PARK at DEC Building on Rt. 2A.